New ecological fertilizers increase yields of cereals and other crops

New fertilizers combined with nutrients derived from plant hormones – cytkinins – have been developed by scientists from the Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research (CRH) in Olomouc. Liquid formulations that are very effective, environmentally friendly and easy to apply will provide farmers with higher yields on cereals, oilseeds and other crops. After application, the crops are easier to root, deal better with adverse climatic conditions, and create more offshoots and grains.

“The preparations are unique in the Czech Republic and probably in the world, because they use our original substances, which have not been used in agricultural practice yet. It is a combination of macro and micro elements, such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, manganese or copper, and plant hormones that we have developed on the basis of years of research. The big challenge was to get all the ingredients into one preparation in order to create a stable form. It was similar to putting together two people who do not like each other very much, and you have to teach them how to work together, “said one of the authors Radoslav Koprna of CRH.

According to him, preparations are the result of about a decade of effort, during which many specialists have joined together. Chemists and plant biologists collaborated with Chemap Agro, whose original products served as the basis for new stimulants. The resulting products are mainly intended for agricultural companies.

The Aucyt Start fertilizer contains a synthetic derivative of cytokinins, which promotes the formation of strong offshoots, hence the cobs and grains in cereals and branching in oil plants. “The plant is not exhausted by creating offshoots it does not need, however it reinforces those that will increase the yield of the crop. The application is done in autumn or spring by plant spraying,” said Koprna.

On the contrary, Primseed is designed for seed treatment of a wide range of crops, for example in spring or winter cereals, rape, poppy, sunflower, legumes and others. “This helps the plant in the early stages of its development to create a stronger root system, better decoupling, and even under stress conditions much better and even germination and growth. It is also a liquid product with very easy application,” added Koprna. The preparation, in addition to the macro and micro elements, contains a cytokinin antagonist, that reduces the ability of the plant to perceive cytokinins. This has a positive effect on its initial development and, ultimately, its yield.

Similar synthetic plant hormones are seldom found in fertilizers. So far they have been used only against cereal lodging. Olomouc scientists have decided to work with them because they have years of experience with their field studies, development and testing. Both products received this year’s registration as auxiliary herbal preparations – combined stimulating fertilizers.